Rally Polices

Rally Registration

The registration will be taken based on the order of posting either the electronic payment (PayPal) or postal cancel stamp. The registration is not confirmed until you get an email from the treasurer. That would mean that someone that paid with PayPal could get bumped by someone who mailed the registration to the treasurer.

If you are going pay by check providing the treasurer with an email letting them know you are registering for the rally is a nice courtesy. However, the registering is not complete until rally fees are received by the treasurer.

If the rally fills up a “waiting list” may be created and if a spot opens it will be in order of waiting list sign up.

Rally Fee for non-NWCCers

We welcome non-NWCCers to join our rallies. Our NWCCers member dues cover some of the rallies cost. As such there is an additional $10 rally fee for non-NWCCers attending our rallies.

Rally Cancellation Polices

Rally Attendee Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to attend the rally as planned, notify the rally host and NWCC Treasurer as soon as possible.

Rally Fee: Refund of the basic rally fee can be made up to 2 weeks before the start of the rally unless otherwise stated in the rally registration form.

There are times when there are “Special” Rally fees. These fees would be for additional activities like tours, dinners, catering etc. If you are unable to attend the rally, refunding Special Rally fees will be based on the agreements the host has made with the vendors. This cancellation information will be included in the Rally registration form.

Camping Fee:  The RV park cancellation policy will be used if for any reason you are unable to attend the rally.